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AI Voices:
Stunning Realism, captivating Emotion

Deliver compelling, lifelike performances with fully expressive AI-generated voices.

About the Acquisition

Reduce production timelines from months to minutes by rapidly transforming scripts into audio.

Cast. Create.
Direct. Deliver.

with high fidelity speech synthesis


Create highly expressive, nuanced performances by incorporating rich emotions into your narrative. Dial in the precise level of intensity.

Emotions UI

Director Mode

Sit in the director’s chair. Shape scenes with full control over voice performance parameters.

Director Mode UI


Take your content to a higher level by generating realistic shouts – without straining an actor’s voice.

Projections UI

High Fidelity Sound

Deliver production-quality voice content with fast exports of uncompressed WAV files.

Hight Fidelity Sound UI

Quality that
speaks for itself

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Secure and Ethical AI

Disruptive technology must be matched with sophisticated security. Our disclosure process and detection capabilities enable us to enforce usage restrictions throughout the lifecycle of each client’s projects.

We also strive to ensure only ethical use of our technology. In accordance with the Ethics Guidelines for Trustworthy AI, we make sure our algorithms are never trained on publicly available data without the voice owner’s permission.


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