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Zeena Qureshi

CEO & Co-founder

March 2, 2021

Sonantic is live!

It’s official: Sonantic is ready for the world. After nine months of beta testing with more than 200 customers, our AI voice platform is now available for game developers and film studios around the globe. We are proud of how far we’ve come in such a short time, and we are eager to share the stunning realism and captivating emotion that the Sonantic platform can deliver. 

So, what is the Sonantic platform and what can it do for you? The answers start with the human voice. 

Justin Bell using Sonantic

Bringing characters to life with human voices

Whether you’re developing an exciting new game or producing the next blockbuster film, you know how central the human voice is to your work. Your ability to bring characters to life depends not only on how they look and how they behave but also on how they sound.  

For your characters to be real, they must do more than recite words. They have to be expressive and emotional. They have to respond to other characters in natural ways. And their voices must change with their actions. When characters are running, they should sound out of breath. When they shout, the audience should hear an exerted voice.

For some game developers and film studios, there is no substitute for real humans when it’s time to produce the final creative work. But teams do not have the luxury of working with voice actors throughout every stage of development. Your game might have thousands of lines of text, and your team needs to work with that text throughout development. You might want to adjust pacing, experiment with different emotions, or fine-tune the script. 

Developing a AAA game or film can take years. Having voice actors continuously on call to re-record changes during development is impractical. That’s why creative teams use basic text-to-speech software to provide placeholder audio for the nuanced performances they know will come later. But the flat, robotic voices generated from that simple software lack the subtleties you need to establish timing or explore creative options.

Enter Sonantic

At Sonantic, we realised there had to be a better way. We built our powerful AI voice platform to help game developers and film studios create compelling, realistic voice performances at any stage of development and production. Our platform enables you to accelerate your creative workflows and scale storytelling like never before.

The Sonantic platform is the work of experts with diverse backgrounds, including speech and language therapy, Hollywood sound production, audio development for AAA games, and AI technology. By collaborating closely with talented voice actors, entertainment industry professionals, and technologists, we're working to deliver the best entertainment solutions now and in the future. (Read our Origin Story here.)

Transforming game development at Obsidian

Game developers at Obsidian Entertainment have already experienced the positive impact that the Sonantic platform can have on the creative workflow. By replacing existing text-to-speech software with Sonantic, the team can now work with high-quality, realistic voices throughout the development process. “The difference from the previous text-to-speech solution was really night and day for us,” says Justin Bell, audio director at Obsidian.

Hearing is believing

As the audio team at Obsidian found, the quality and emotional range of our AI voices instantly set Sonantic apart from traditional text-to-speech systems. We’ve designed our voices to deliver engaging performances with options for a full spectrum of emotional deliveries. 

Sonantic gives you full control of parameters for shaping voice performances. It’s a lot like using Photoshop for voice. You can adjust the pacing of lines, experiment with different emotions, re-work the script, and change the inflection of phrases by altering the pitches of words. You can even add newly created words and names, and define how they should be pronounced. Working with Sonantic is fast, intuitive, and inherently creative.

Revolutionising how studios and actors work

Sonantic can dramatically accelerate your studio’s workflows. If you’ve ever scheduled recording sessions for multiple voice actors—and then scheduled additional sessions to revise lines—you know how time-consuming that process is. Using simple text-to-speech systems might seem like a time-saving approach, but their limitations mean you will still need to do considerable tweaking with live actors. By providing realistic, expressive voices for every stage of pre-production, Sonantic enables you to reduce development timelines from months to minutes. 

Because Sonantic lets you iterate more and faster, the platform can also help you ultimately deliver more compelling creative work. You can quickly experiment with different voices, new timings, and even entirely new script lines to perfect your content before bringing in live actors. For studios that plan to use AI voices for the final production, Sonantic delivers the highest quality and most realistic performances available.

Sonantic also lets you efficiently and effortlessly scale your work. You can rapidly add new voices to a game or film in development, and also ramp up production, working on multiple titles in parallel. If you’re working on a series or sequel, you can draw from the same pool of voices to deliver consistent performances.

Meanwhile, Sonantic can change the way voice actors work. Our platform enables our voice actor partners to lend their voices to more projects than ever before, anywhere around the globe. Actors can now work both virtually and in person, scaling their talents to a whole new level. The AI models crafted from their voices can deliver endless variations on parts without filling up their schedule or straining their vocal cords. And they are compensated each time their modeled voice is used.  

The present and future of text-to-speech technology

We’re excited to bring the Sonantic platform into the world and offer this remarkable technology to the entertainment industry. And this is just the beginning. We will continuously augment the platform to deliver additional capabilities that help further streamline workflows and enhance creativity.

We also see a future for the Sonantic platform that expands beyond entertainment. Sonantic can empower not only expert storytellers but also engineers and creative teams responsible for bringing human voices into other aspects of our world. We hope you’ll join us for the journey.

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