Extraordinary Artificial Voices, Made by Exceptional People

Company Overview

At Sonantic, some of the world’s most talented researchers, engineers and operators are shaping the future of artificial voice.

Our diverse and dedicated team works in collaboration with actors and industry experts to develop tools that empower creators and incorporate human-quality AI voice into all aspects of their workflow.

What does your future sound like?

Sonantic is looking for world-class talent ready to tackle challenging projects that will ultimately enable immersive storytelling to be produced at scale.

With a core focus on quality and service excellence, Sonantic's text to speech solutions will be at the foundation of the best voiced products and services of the future.

As a Deep Learning Speech Researcher you will design and experiment with state-of-the-art generative speech models for gaming and entertainment studios. You will collaborate closely with both our CTO and the team, to advance the best computerized speech in the world.

You'll be responsible for

  • Designing, building, evaluating, deep learning speech synthesis models via experimental workflows.
  • Collaborating with a cross functional agile team spanning user research, design, data science, product management, and engineering to build new voice features that advance our mission.
  • Prototyping new approaches and voice improvements for our enterprise customers.
  • Helping drive optimization, testing, and tooling to improve product performance.
  • Collaborating with business/product/research teams to ensure seamless voice model delivery.

We’re looking for

  • 1+ years experience in generative speech synthesis models: sequence-to-sequence, spectrogram, transformer and/or neural vocoding models.
  • PhD/Masters educated candidates specialising in deep learning speech synthesis.
  • Publications showing originality of ideas and aptitude for experimental design.
  • (Please note: Candidates lacking this academic background but strong in generative speech synthesis models, may be considered on a case-by-case basis)
  • Very strong Python coding skills.
  • Very strong deep learning framework skills (Pytorch preferred).
  • Strong workflow skills: Git, AWS EC2, SSH remote connections, etc.
  • Very strong communication & interpersonal skills

Great if you have these too

  • Linguistics or Speech Science background
  • Signal Processing or Sound Engineering background
  • Strong interest in gaming or media/entertainment industries
  • An understanding of creative software e.g. Photoshop, ProTools, Final Cut Pro

Employee Benefits

  • Working alongside a talented team within a friendly atmosphere
  • Attractive employee options scheme and performance based bonuses
  • Customisable benefits package
  • Flexible holiday allowance

Apply now

Send CV & cover letter to
careers [at] sonantic [dot] io

From research and engineering to sales and customer success, we're always looking for talented individuals to join our growing team.

Feel free to submit your CV and include a brief (but bold!) note on why you'd love to work for Sonantic:
careers [at] sonantic [dot] io


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